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In 1989, Enrique Velázquez-Mora and his wife, Carmen Santiago, embarked on the adventure of creating top notch Puerto Rican cigars, and six years later that dream became reality when they opened a factory in the town of Florida, Puerto Rico.

In 1998, they moved their production facility to the Dominican Republic because of the ongoing effects of destructive hurricanes in Puerto Rico. 

Fast forward to 2021,  the Velázquez’s, including two of the Velázquez’s four children, Magaly Ritter and Manuel Velázquez, designed and opened a cigar store at 812 Main Street in downtown. Magaly said everyone in the business is either “blood family or you have worked with us so long you have become family,” and together they jump every hurdle in their way. 

The family’s goal is to be accessible to cigar newbies, while also appealing to longtime cigar aficionados. 

For example, beginners might take a liking to hints of coffee and chocolate offered in the Robusto Habano, while premium cigars like the Torpedo Doble Capa have flavor profiles that are both bold and creamy. The components of these finely crafted cigars come from a variety of countries including, but not limited to Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. 

You can purchase products either in-store or at https://www.velazquezcigarcompany.com.