Nourishing Bodies and Fueling Wellness For 46 Years

By RJ Walters
Photography by Jordan Randall

In1978 Anthony Miller decided she wanted to do something where she could help people every day, and 46 years later she is still doing just that.

The 88-year-old founder and owner of Anthony’s Health Hut and Restaurant isn’t lacking for energy or enthusiasm, and she is on a mission to help Lakelanders live their healthiest, longest lives possible.

When you walk into the store located in a well-established plaza in South Lakeland you are greeted by shelves lined with the latest supplements, scientifically backed natural wellness products, sugar substitutes and more, but you will also smell the aroma of nutritious fresh soup, homemade quiche and freshly made pies.

The restaurant offers a number of healthy flavorful options under $10, they make a wide array of fruit and veggie based smoothies, and for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, homemade key lime pie is among the options.

Anthony acknowledges it’s challenging to compete with all of the large online retailers in the health and wellness space, meaning she has to be diligent to maintain personal connection with customers.

When Anthony quit her banking job in the late 70s, and reflected on her time previously spent working in the medical field, she knew she could make an impact by building relationships built on helping people feel better.

“I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but I pray to God every day—I am a woman of faith—and He has guided me along the way.”

– Anthony Miller

“I’ve had my shares of ups and downs, but I pray to God every day—I am a woman of faith—and He has guided me along the way,” she said.

Anthony chuckles when she says, “Sugar is the root of all evil,” but in the same vein acknowledges she cheats “once in a while” including a recent trip to The Joinery to try the much-talked about Mayday Ice Cream.

She believes everyone can benefit from finding the right supplements to meet their needs and says from her experience a lot of doctors simply don’t take the time to help patients realize that.

She talks about how the right supplements have eliminated chronic joint pain for her, and recently she was excited to bring in a new product called Fisetin, a supplement that touts itself as a “powerful senolytic activator, antioxidant and brain support.”

While science unveils new truths about human health and wellness and trends come and go, Anthony’s Health Hut and Restaurant remains a staple.

“I am just so grateful to be part of Lakeland, a community that has supported this business and that I have been able to help all these years,” she says.

Anthony's Health Hut & Restaurant

5329 Florida Ave. S.