Welcome to the Future of Well-being: A duo of brothers from New York City are bringing a new twist on tranquil living to Lakeland


Written by Jenna MacFarlane
Photos by Allee Cyrus, Heidi Michelle Photography, Dark White Studios
Designed by Briana Chenot
Developed in partnership with Welcome Developments


fter 15 years developing real estate in New York City, brothers and business partners Shlomo and David Sinay wanted a fresh start­—they wanted to build a community living space that truly felt like home.

They envisioned something entirely different from what they typically developed in Brooklyn—close-quartered, concrete-walled apartment buildings that saw guests rotate in and out like a revolving door. They wanted to develop something more meaningful, a wellness-focused apartment complex that encourages truly living at home—not just sleeping there. So, they came to Lakeland.

Welcome Canary is a 160-unit luxury multifamily apartment complex opening soon in west Lakeland. It’s so much more than a cluster of apartments; it’s a true community with amenities that make life more tranquil.

“You should love being home. It should be a respite from stress, from everything else. ’”

– Shlomo Sinay

When Shlomo and David decided to pursue the idea of a wellness-focused complex, they traveled across the country to scout locations. It would become their first development project outside NYC, and it was important they find just the right place to break ground. They researched cities that might welcome a new development like the one they envisioned, visiting Arizona, Texas and Ohio before they landed in Florida.

Their first instinct was to purchase a property in Tampa or Orlando—but once they visited Lakeland, Shlomo and David changed their plans. They found a vibrant community here, filled with people who love the place they live and want to take care of it.

Shlomo said, for him, of all things, the swans on Lake Morton sealed the deal. “It showed me that Lakeland is a community that cares,” he said. “It cares for nature and wildlife. That spoke to me.”

After that day, Lakeland’s natural beauty informed the architectural design, the decor, and  development decisions of the complex located just off of New Tampa Highway. With peacefulness as its priority, Welcome Canary revolves around outdoor living. “We want you to look out the window instead of at the TV,” Shlomo said—and Welcome Canary’s lake views accomplish just that.

Life at Welcome Canary is a blend of laid-back and elevated, totally integrated with its environment. Both interior and exterior design is minimal and earthy, intended to draw people outdoors, where its best amenities lie—a sculpted pool, running trail, hammocks, a community bonfire and vegetable garden, and docks on the lake are just some of what this complex has to offer.

“You should love being home. It should be a respite from stress, from everything else,” Shlomo said, describing how they designed the complex to feel like a retreat when you come home at the end of a long day. Inside, residents enjoy amenities like a gym, wellness center, a zen den with infrared light therapy, and cozy community lounge areas.

Feel It For Yourself

Welcome Canary
1030 Browning Rd., Lakeland, FL 33813


During development, Shlomo and David spent hours in meeting rooms with the Lunz Group team, mapping out a plan to make this complex as beautiful and functional as possible. Throughout the process, the brothers learned that Lakeland’s leadership fosters momentum and growth without compromising on community values. Shlomo credited organizations like the Lakeland Economic Development Council and Mayor Bill Mutz for being endlessly supportive of the project, from start to finish.

“Any developer that’s looking to build in Florida should come to Lakeland first,” Shlomo said. “No city will be more eager to help you.”

Though Shlomo and David don’t live in Lakeland, they’ve integrated with the community in a way that’s authentic and true. They hold a lot of respect for us and the unique benefits of small-town life in a high-growth area.

When asked if he’d visited Bonnet Springs Park yet, Shlomo spoke about it with much affection.

“If David Bunch—Bonnet Springs visionary—ever came to Welcome Canary and said that he liked it, I’ll know I did a good job,” he laughed.

Shlomo says seeing the interest the community has already shown for this development makes him proud. This project in Lakeland is the most meaningful project he and his brother have ever worked on—and seeing it all come together is gratifying.

Welcome Canary embodies everything that’s beautiful about our city: that even as we shift and grow, Lakeland will strive to be what it always was—a welcoming place to put down roots, filled with people who truly care.