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Photography by Jordan Randall


or almost 20 years, Jeanna Parker helped patients facing heart problems as a trauma and intensive care nurse. Today as the owner of Bella Viságe Medical & Aesthetic Rejuvenation, with her husband Mark, she is as dialed in as ever on helping people’s hearts, both physically and emotionally.

Jeanna is passionate about helping women invest in themselves so they can, in turn, feel better and have more to offer in many facets of their lives.

“I personally think that women run their well so dry and ignore things. Honestly, that’s how I ended up at 231 pounds—I was putting this before me, this before me, this before me, and I feel like women take so much on and then it turns into this destructive self-neglect,” she said.

She has shared with numerous media outlets about her wellness and weight loss journey in 2020 that resulted in losing 90 pounds through primarily eating more nutritious food and regular exercise. She is more enthusiastic than ever to help others achieve life-changing results, whether through aesthetic rejuvenation services, scientifically backed products or through the spa’s new Bella Wellness Program.

I want to be a partner in helping you create a healthy life that honors your schedule, that honors your budget.”

” – Jeanna Parker

Jeanna said she was hesitant to start offering the trendy option of weight loss injections, but soon realized she could pair that with health coaching, clinically-proven products and educating clients on their nutrition habits to build something that fosters long-term health.

“I want to be a partner in helping you create a healthy life that honors your schedule, that honors your budget,” she says. “So that you really love who you’re becoming.”

That mindset was the catalyst for launching the Bella Membership Program earlier this year. For $149 per month, members can choose a Bella Classic Facial, Neck Revive RF Treatment, CoolPeel Laser Hand Treatment or IPL Photo Treatment for the hands. Members also receive discounted pricing on a number of products and services, as well as complimentary skin or body care products during their birthday month.

“Honestly, I want people to be able to get everything they want here and feel comfortable and know they don’t have to wait for a sale or promotion to get a great deal,” Jeanna says. “We see you, we hear you and we’re ready to help you.”

Jeanna smiles as she recalls when she received a text from a client who was thrilled that everyone thought she was in her 30s. The text read: “Thank you for everything you have helped me achieve all these years.”

Her team of nurse practitioners and aestheticians is always excited to welcome people into the Bella family because they want what is best for the client.

“I think people actually have more respect when they see where you have traveled from,” Jeanna says. “Girl, I hear you, I was you, and actually am still you, I’m just on the other side.”


Services Bella Viságe Offers Include:

  • Neurotoxins & Fillers

  • CO2 Laser Resurfacing

  • Laser Hair Removal

  • Weight Loss Injections & Coaching

  • Laser Tattoo Removal

  • Radiofrequency Microneedling

  • Facials

  • Microblading/Microshading

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