Swan City Improv Artists Keep Making it Up as They Go

By Diego De Jesus
Photos courtesy of Swan City Improv

Swan City Improv is being highlighted as a 2023 Maker of Note by The Lakelander, as part of its MADE Issue, which focuses on big ideas and entrepreneurial successes of Lakelanders.

The Maker

Nathaniel Fleming started doing improv when he was 8 years old and built his comedy career from the ground up.

He founded Swan City Improv in 2016, where it began with teaching middle schoolers improv for a thespian competition.

When he was asked to raise funds to support it, Fleming called some friends and they put on a show on April Fools weekend, a one-nightonly show that sold out. Over time, the audience for sows grew from 25 to 50 to 100, the regularity of the shows did, too.

Today, Swan City Improv hosts a pair of shows each month. Soon they will be introducing a new “game show” themed offering where participants will compete for cash prizes.

The Product

Swan City Improv offers classes and private shows in addition to monthly shows for the general public on the first Friday of each month with ticket rates of $10 for one show or $15 for both.

There is a family friendly show at 7:30 p.m. and a 9:30 p.m. show suited for 21+ audiences.

They also offer corporate workshops for communication training using improv techniques that can help improve communication skills specifically tailored to the client’s needs. The workshops focus on group exercises rather than performing in front of a crowd.

You can learn more about the corporate workshop offering on the organization’s website swancityimprov.com.

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