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Nicole Turner


Several years ago, Nicole Turner was working at Southeastern University, living the working mom life, when she had an “ah ha” moment making a donut charm out of polymer clay for one of her three daughters. 

“From start to finish it was such a fun medium to work with and the finished product brought so much joy to me and my little one,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

Not only did her girls inspire her to start experimenting with clay and to bring out her creative side, today they are incredible sidekicks for her growing business.  Nicole is married to Ben Turner, the pastor of Strong Tower Church.


Her brand is named after Nicole’s middle name, because simply put, she loves it that much. Fans love her products just as passionately based on her evolution from Instagram startup to local market regular to a full service website.

Many of her earrings showcase the natural beauty and colors of clay, but other products are filled with splashes of bright color. Likewise, she creates everything from traditional mini studs to elegant custom design shapes and patterns.

Cori Rose is always showing off new products via Instagram and its website, but Turner also takes custom orders and builds curated collections for weddings, special events, retreats and more.