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Everywhere you look there are real estate signs, homes being built and moving trucks coming and leaving. A recent report from “House Method” rated the Lakeland-Winter Haven metro area the 12th hottest housing market in America. Within that rapidly evolving market are a lot of different spaces and places to call home – what modern-day dwellers affectionately refer to as neighborhoods.

Sometimes a neighborhood has defined boundaries – and in Florida, oftentimes a gate – while other times a neighborhood is a generally agreed upon area with distinctive characteristics. With the help of local realtors “The Lakelander” is taking you on a tour around town to showcase what makes different neighborhoods unique and attractive, and what might compel you or out-of-towners to make a move to somewhere new.

The icons on each page indicate the strength of some key features that each neighborhood offers. The index below will show you how we arrived at those ratings.

Your Neighborhood Guide:

North Lakeland


Scott Lake/Highlands/Eaglebrooke


Beacon Hill

Hollingsworth/Lake Morton