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Adam Spafford

Built To Move

You may have noticed some improvements at your local gym. A few of them have become a little less golden and a little more — well, we’ll let owner Dave Gurnsey ...

A City’s Santa

When we set out for an exclusive interview with the city’s Santa, we were concerned it may dampen the belief of children but found it hard to deny the magic in ...

The Collection

Urban legend has it that in the early 1960s, a still-in-progress I-4 stood as an open strip where Buz Watkins and other car enthusiasts gathered to drag race Mu...

Adam Spafford

Adam Spafford came to Lakeland in 1999 to attend Florida Southern College and, except for a 20-month graduate school stint in Massachusetts, has been here since. When he’s not writing page-turners for The Lakelander, he trades stock and index options.