You’re Invited: A Local Film That Asks the Question, “How Do You Solve Homelessness?”

By Rj Walters

When you encounter a homeless person or someone in need in our city, do you tend to lean in or look away?

Sometimes homelessness feels like such an insurmountable challenge to tackle—and yes, it is complex and never ending—but Lakeland-based non-profit Gospel Inc. is ready to show you what hope looks like, through the faces and the stories of fellow Lakelanders.

Gospel Inc. is inviting the public to a free event at The Polk Theatre on Thursday Nov. 2 for an exclusive screening of the documentary “Gospel Village: A Story of Hope” that takes you on a heartbreaking, yet also heartwarming journey into the reality of homelessness locally and what Gospel Inc. is doing to help alleviate it.

This cinematic film, created by The Collection Media, asks questions like: “Can homelessness be solved?” and if so, “What is the solution?” 

“Homelessness is a real social issue rooted in challenges most are unaware of,” said Gospel Inc. Executive Director Ray Steadman. “The film demonstrates a radical concept that moves our homeless neighbors off the streets into a community by fostering relationships and healing, first presented by Jesus to ‘love our neighbor, as ourselves.'”

The Lakeland City Commission and Mayor Bill Mutz have been working closely with local agencies and nonprofits for several years to develop solutions to homelessness, including the creation of more affordable housing—and the opening of and growth of Gospel Village has coincided with that focus.

The documentary not only shares wisdom and experiences from those working to serve our community, but also puts you up close and personal with beautiful people with trying stories that often end with redemption.

In the trailer for the film, Polk County Commissioner and local businessman George Lindsey shares the impact Gospel Inc. has made by shining a light in often dark places.

“They’ve never had someone who expressed a real passion for their personal welfare and safety, and this is a gem that recognizes that everybody has worth,” he said.

The event will take place from 6:30-8:30 p.m. on November 2nd, and free tickets can be claimed at the link below.


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