Michaela Williams, owner of Queen’s Lemonade Palace, is challenging the status quo of entrepreneurship in Lakeland.

In 2017, “kidpreneur” Michaelah Williams launched Queen’s Lemonade Palace. Now, at just 12 years old, she operates one of the city’s most beloved small businesses.

Queen’s Lemonade Palace is not your average lemonade stand. It offers tropical flavors and serves up both lemonades and iced teas. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, Queen’s Lemonade Palace is the perfect spot for something sweet and iced — just in time for summer, when we really need it.

You can catch Queen’s Lemonade Palace setting up shop around town at local spots like The Poor Porker and Hillcrest Coffee. If you’ve got an upcoming event, birthday party, or wedding, Queen’s offers catering services, too. 

Lakeland has a reputation for taking care of its local business owners, and that tradition doesn’t end with our young ones. Show up and show your support this summer – and sip some lemonade, while you’re at it.

Reach out to Queen’s Lemonade Palace on Facebook or by calling 863.866.0510.