In this series of posts, we are asking Lakelanders to share what is inspiring them in the world of art and media. We hope sharing these recommendations will help you find your next great read or the perfect flick to add a little something extra to your week.

This week, we are featuring The Pink Script podcast.
The Pink Script is a Lakeland-based podcast platform produced by Raising Teen Girls and hosted by Kimber Antrobus, Lindsey Hilligoss, and Anastasia Brokas. The Pink Script is dedicated to inspiring vulnerability and creating a place to cultivate community by encouraging the voices of young women to share their stories and remind them that they are the authors of their own script. New episodes air biweekly.


  • Scary Close by Donald Miller
    This book talks about the necessity of learning that when we are vulnerable we create space for people to embrace our authentic self. 


  • Anastasia: Oprah
    Oprah has been a huge inspiration to me for about 20 years honestly because of the way she has always empowered others to embrace who they are. She is a woman of compassion, who provides a safe place for friends and strangers to share their story. My goal has been to be like her since I was little, and honestly that hasn’t changed with time or age. 
  • Kimber: Hannah Onorato
    Have you ever been super proud of one of your friends and want to be just like them? That’s how I feel about Hannah this week. She is extremely talented and is stewarding all her gifts and talents in a great way.
  • Lindsey Hilligoss: Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Dr. Leaf is a neuroscientist who hosts a podcast that focuses on helping people take control of their mental health. She provides real-life tools and examples to get your self-care on track. She inspires me to hold my mental health to a higher standard as I continue to guide clients on their own mental health journey.


      • Kimber: “With You” by Elevation Worship (s/o to Tiffany Hammer)
        This has been my song every week since it came out (several months ago). Tiffany’s voice and her worship takes me to the next level in my own worship. This song draws me closer to the presence of the Holy Spirit.
      • Anastasia: “House on a Hill” by Amanda Cook
        This is the song that has been inspiring me because of the vulnerability that can be heard in the lyrics. I believe that we all go through really hard sessions of heartache and disappointment at one point or another, and our faith and hope seem hard to maintain. This song reminds us that even in those hard seasons the Lord is near, and his grace really is sufficient. 
      • Lindsey: “Broken Vessels” by Hillsong
        In high school, I always clung to the verses 2 Corinthians 4:7-10. I have always admired the beautiful depiction of being a vessel for Christ. This song always reminds me that no matter how broken we may feel, it is possible to still exude the loving, graceful nature of Christ through our own imperfections.


  • Kimber: Success Is Not An Accident by Tommy Newberry
    I am always looking for something to read, whether it be a fiction romance novel (haha) or “self-help.” My boss recommended I read this book as I was struggling with “what’s next?”. There is a place in the book to write out, in GREAT detail, what you want your life to look like in five years.
  • Anastasia: Bullet Journaling
    Bullet Journaling is a scheduling technique I recently learned that has been life changing for me. It is a system that was created by Ryder Carroll. It helps you track the past, organize for the present, and, more importantly, plan for the future. It is inspiring me to be mindful of how I am spending my time and what I need to focus more on.

  • Lindsey: @first5app
    The first 5 app is a morning devotional that allows women to build a community around reading the Bible together every morning through consistency and discussion. I also love following their Instagram page to read encouraging quotes and Bible verses throughout the day!