Usually in our series of “What’s Inspiring Me This Week,” we ask Lakelanders to share what is inspiring them in the world of art and media. We hope sharing these recommendations will help you find your next great read or the perfect flick to add a little something extra to your week.

This week, we received an email from Lakelander and Harrison graduate Katie Osthoff who is currently living in Sweden and wanted to share what is inspiring her in the world of art and media. This is what she had to say.

Hej (that’s hi in Swedish) Lakelanders,
I am a native Lakelander myself, but now living in Sweden. I really enjoy following your Lakeland updates and emails. It has opened me up to the very coolest things to add to my “must do” list when I come home for vacation or things to tell my mom to check out (I live vicariously through her now). I liked your “whats inspiring me this week” post from your intern, Katherine, and I wanted to share what is inspiring me, a Lakelander, living far far away.

1. Nineteen61

I was already a fan and frequent visitor to [Nineteen61] every time I am in town, but their new location has me next-level ecstatic. Ceviche is my favorite dish and not possible to find in my city so it’s always my go-to craving when I travel. Top that off with a Spicy Margarita now on [Nineteen61’s] menu and I’m in heaven.  Spicy cocktails are my #1 when I’m not sipping a G&T. I immediately told my mom to check out their new space, and she already reported back with photos and food reviews that made me cry from jealousy.

2. Farmer Will

Farmer Will (@farmerwillfl) and the Crum Brothers Family Farm CSA is giving me all the feels that Lakeland is joining the big city bandwagon of supporting local farms even at home. The planet and our local residents benefit, and who doesn’t want to say they had a part in building their community and saving the planet (insert Captain Planet PSA here).

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3. Prezi

On a random media note, I am responsible for launching a new process to users in over 30 countries in my company and have recently discovered Prezi for creating PowerPoint presentations. Forget everything you know about PowerPoint and imagine a presentation builder like Wix website editor. Everything is drag and drop and entirely interactive. From now on all PowerPoint presentations that I see that aren’t interactive will be immediately judged by me (I’m working on no judgement self improvement so give me some time). Prezi is the new norm and they make it easy. So for all you Lakeland companies that need to build presentations, year cycles, educational e-learning…step up yo game and look big city profesh with Prezi.

4. Malmö

My last inspiration comes from my city, Malmö. The Upcycle Collective is a group of artists and designers who partnered with a local second hand stores and waste management to rethink what we throw away. They offer a broad range of skills including lectures and codesign workshops, upcycle design (fabric, jewelry, furniture and interiors), workshops with a broad range upcycled material. They give new meaning to “trash to treasure” and fully support a circular economy. With Catapult helping so many entrepreneurs in Lakeland, surely we can cultivate a circular collective of our own, right?

Thanks again for helping me stay updated in what’s up in the community.

Vi ses (see ya),
Katie Osthoff