In this series of posts, we ask Lakelanders to share what is inspiring them in the world of art and media. We hope sharing these recommendations will help you find your next great read or the perfect flick to add a little something extra to your week.

This week we are featuring Jenna MacFarlane, the Lakelander’s in-house staff writer and editorial assistant. Jenna is from Sarasota, Florida and a recently graduated from Southeastern University, where she studied Communications and Religion. Here are some of her recommendations in music, literature and local hangs.


If you’re looking for some poolside grooves this summer, I present to you Magic City Hippies. Based in Miami, MCH are pros at making every song sound sun-soaked. This band was one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever been to, and can’t wait for them to tour again!


Love Running. In this piece for the Sun Magazine, writer Joseph Holt reflects on a years-old breakup, and how running helped mend a broken heart.

“Beauty is all around. You can’t avoid it. This path leads to beauty, and that path? More beauty. Close your eyes and spin, toss a dart at a map, run this way or that. Advance with a welcoming heart, expecting beauty. You will find it. It will find you.”


Whereabouts by Jhumpa Lahiri is my read of the week. I’ve been wanting to read Lahiri’s work for a while, and decided to start with this one. Whereabouts is her third novel and most recent release, which she wrote in Italian and translated to English herself. Lahiri uses a unique introspective prose style to describe an unnamed woman’s daily life, as she reflects on the past and ruminates about the future.


When I’m not in the office, I love to camp out at local cafés to write and catch up on work. When I’m looking for something different, my latest go-to has been Winter Haven’s brand new Haven Coffee Roasters. It opened just a few months ago and they serve up craft coffee beverages, with super fun seasonal themes. They roast in-house, so your brew is extra fresh.


If you’re a Florida native like me, I highly recommend giving The Florida Project a watch. In The Florida Project, the audience follows a six-year-old girl and her single mother who live in a motel in Kissimmee. It’s an artistic film that reminds us of long summer afternoons in Florida, while exposing us to some of the harsh realities of life right outside utopia. Find it on Netflix here.