Earlier this year, Lakeland based singer, songwriter Van Plating was in LA recording her first ever solo album.

This week, on Aug. 28 to be exact – Plating’s single titled “Lasso” premiers via glidemagazine.com and on Aug. 3o “Lasso” will be available across most streaming platforms.

Plating is hosting a concert on Nov 15th to debut her album, “Van Plating.” The concert will take place at Lakeland’s new food truck park, Yard on Mass.

You can preorder Van Plating on iTunes/Google Play Music now.
“Van Plating is a stunning celebration of love, marriage, and life like the music world gets far too scarcely. Plating has admirably succeeded in marrying all the experience of her time off into a rousing and heartbreaking debut album. The new single, “Lasso,” is a buoyant balladic meditation on the duality of domestic life in a small American city, blissful in its comforts and unsettling in the “A Rose for Emily”-like way that private lives permeate the rumor mills.”