This Saturday, August 17th, from 9am to 5pm, Twenty Seven will host their soft opening in downtown Lakeland!

Twenty Seven
213 E Bay St, Lakeland, FL 33803
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Jenna Cherry, owner and founder of Twenty Seven launched her small business in 2017 as an online paper-goods shop. Twenty Seven evolved from Jenna overcoming a season during which she was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

“I was always a creative and did photography in high school but was never really into drawing. Something about not feeling well all the time sparked this desire for me to get into drawing and drawing digitally, so I just drew all the time,” says Jenna.

The Twenty Seven shop offers Jenna’s original illustrations in the form of wall art prints, greeting cards, stickers, and more. She has also been commissioned for Twenty Seven mural artwork around Lakeland.

Two years ago, Jenna started selling Twenty Seven goods regularly at market pop-ups after launching her online store, and it was obvious that the natural next step would be to expand into a brick and mortar and offer a Twenty Seven full physical experience.

“I’ve always wanted a brick and mortar. For a while, I was stuck on the idea of a surf shop even though I’ve only ever surfed twice in my life. It wasn’t long after launching Twenty Seven that I felt like the goal was to expand Twenty Seven into a brick and mortar,”  says Jenna.

She is excited to coexist with Honeycomb Bread Bakers. It is a retail environment sharing a building with a bakery, a concept that has been popular in places such as Toby’s Estate in New York City or Oxford Exchange in Tampa.

“Customers will be able to cozy up to a cup of tea and write letters, do homework, or just enjoy each other’s company,” says Jenna.

Twenty Seven’s product line is easily distinguishable from other paper-good retail businesses in town.

“…the style is younger because I am younger. I wanted to create something downtown that isn’t wine sipping and $50 pillows. Instead, it is a space that caters to everyone who enjoys Twenty Seven” says Jenna.

Twenty Seven carries a wide range of products with most of them being Jenna’s own paper good designs, including greeting cards and stickers. She has also sourced products from Central Florida brands in St. Pete and Tampa.

The future for Twenty Seven is bright. Jenna is passionate about her home base in Lakeland but also looks forward to expanding into wholesale and carrying her products in some of her favorite retailers such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and even designing Target gift cards.

“Now that I have the space and capacity to produce more, I am no longer mailing things out of my dorm room, and I have already been able to fill more online orders than ever. Even though this is a big endeavor, I really believe this is step one,” says Jenna.