Things to Consider When Building Your Outdoor Dream Space

By RJ Walters
Photography provided by MD Construction

One of the great joys of living in Florida is it’s easier for residents to find their happy place outside. Well, that’s if you put on sunscreen, have fans nearby, find a way to deal with bugs and don’t mind little reptiles keeping you company.

The husband and wife owned MD Construction has been bringing outdoor patio spaces and Florida rooms to life for customers in Central Florida for nearly a decade. Marcos and Megan
D’Avila’s company has completed more than 5,000 projects, and it’s a good day when they can say their team has finished a space that’s ready for families to make memories in.

MD does a lot of pre-fabrication work in a warehouse in Winter Haven, which contributes to a cleaner finished aesthetic of their installed products. They are proud to offer a two-year warranty on workmanship, as well as one-year warranty against cracks on cement. 

Megan, who previously worked in the Polk County Building Department and for the City of Winter Garden, is happy to provide tips for families and individuals who are ready to upgrade their outdoor living space.

What Are Your Resources and Restrictions?

The more information you come to the table with, the smoother and quicker the process of building your dream outdoor space will be. If you live in a community that has an HOA, be sure to read through all restrictions, including color of outdoor structures. D’Avila also recommends talking to someone at the city or county building department to understand estimated timelines for projects. Prior to searching for a contract you should also determine your budget for the project and be able to explain how you hope to utilize the space.


How Much Maintenance Are You Willing to Do?

Design preferences ebb and flow, but D’Avila said a lot of customers are more conscious about long-term maintenance needs when making decisions. She said a lot of people are opting for concrete slabs instead of pavers because they are easier to clean and maintain. More customers are also choosing bronze metal over white because it doesn’t show dirt and wear nearly as much.


What’s Trendy?

D’Avila said their most popular product is screen enclosures, but she notices less people are enclosing pools, although she prefers enclosed pool areas herself because homeowners can control bugs and debris. 

Customers are also going a different direction when picking out pavers. The trend for a while was people leaning more into brown and cream options, and now D’Avila said she sees a lot more white and gray pavers being installed. People also are putting less color and texture on concrete, sticking with more of an industrial look.


What’s the Timeline Like for Projects?

At MD construction, their crews usually start a project within 3-4 months of a contract being signed, as long as permitting processes go as planned. Most screen enclosures and patios take 1-2 months to complete from start date, while Florida rooms can take up to a year because of the customized windows that are part of the installation.


Start planning you dream outdoor space at MD Construction today.