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From the practical to the extravagant — our team recommends gifts and products for the man in your life.

The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition from Away

Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to Miami or a transatlantic European voyage, your choice of suitcase can make or break your trip. Cheap plastic wheels and faulty zippers quickly become more than a minor inconvenience when traveling, so choosing the right luggage is key. Known for being gadget-friendly, durable, and secure, Away has really cornered the market for quality and price. This aluminum edition will also wear dents and scratches well over time, telling the stories of your past escapades.

— Daniel Barceló
$495  • awaytravel.com




Movies and Other Things by Shea Serrano

This is Shea Serrano’s third book. I have purchased multiple copies of his first two books, and I pre-ordered my copy of MAOT the day it became available. The way Serrano manages to weave together pop culture, insightful information, and an absurd amount of humor is unparalleled. Also, Arturo Torres’ artwork makes this an excellent conversation piece for the coffee table.

— Joe Hepler
$17.50  • amazon.com

The Brass Flashlight: MMR-X

Having a small, powerful light in your truck or car is always helpful, plus it’s brass so this one scores you some cool points.

— Jason Stephens
$198    bestmadeco.com







Mandarino Di Amalfi

Since your scent is the one thing a stranger always remembers after a first encounter, make sure it’s a good one. Tom Ford’s private blend Mandarino Di Amalfi captures the calm of a warm summer evening with notes of citrus, mint, thyme, and wildflowers for a tonic-like effect.

— Abdiel Gonzalez
$240     tomford.com





Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch

The watch that “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” now looks better than ever. This special edition in collaboration with designer Todd Snyder elevates the timeless style of Timex with a bit of luxury. The best part is the price is still a steal.

— Daniel Barceló
$199    toddsnyder.com

1” Belt, Chocolate Oil Pull-Up

A quality leather belt close to the shade of your brown leather shoes. (It doesn’t have to be an exact match.) A cool choice is one with a removable brass buckle; then you can change up the look by simply switching out the buckle. Pull-up leather is my favorite; it develops character marks over time.

— Tim Cox
$95  • sidmashburn.com







I have long been a tennis enthusiast, and although I have quite a ways to go in becoming proficient at the sport, I definitely believe having the right equipment helps. For this recommendation, I consulted a good friend and fellow racqueteer, Paul Arbuthnot. He endorses this Wilson raquet because of its unique string pattern that increases top spin. 

— Daniel Barceló
$179    wilson.com




Rin Fit Silicone Wedding Ring

I wore my original titanium wedding ring for almost eight years and finally switched to a silicone band after my wife’s (of all people) convincing. I love it. It’s comfortable, where I hardly notice it, and great for use outdoors (especially in a place like Lakeland). The pack comes with three versatile colors.

— Bryan Brown
$7   • rinfit.com





The County by James Brand

My dad has passed down several knives from his early life to me, and they each have their own character. The County by James Brand is a functional, low-profile knife that looks like it will only get better with time.

— Jason Stephens
Starting at $150     thejamesbrand.com

Master & Dynamic MW07

Wireless earbuds are the new must-have tech accessory. But before you end up with standard plastic white appendages emerging from your ears, we encourage you to consider an infinitely more stylish offering from Master & Dynamic. In addition to superior audio performance, the MW07s are beautifully designed and very lightweight, making them a great choice for extended wear. Choose from four gorgeous colors: Grey Terrazzo, Matte Black, Tortoiseshell, and Steel Blue.

— Daniel Barceló
$299     masterdynamic.com



Blundstone Summer Boots, Style 1497

I have the Blundstone Original 500 and wear them year-round regardless of the temperature, but they can get hot and are on the heavier side in the Florida summer. The 1497s are a lower-profile boot and much more breathable, making them ideal for the Southern climate.

— Jason Stephens
$169.95  • blundstone.com





Traeger Ironwood 650 Pellet Grill

This grill shot to the top of my “big ticket” wish list after I saw them in action for our feature on grilling. Traeger grills are the perfect blend of convenience and quality, making them an ideal gift for the grilling man in your life, regardless of skill level.

— Joe Hepler
$1,199.99   traegergrills.com

Chaco Men’s Zcloud Sport Sandal

I visited the Smoky Mountains one summer, bought some Chacos, and never looked back. On a hike, to the beach, around town, tackling a house project, with jeans, in shorts, and more, I wear these shoes on a daily basis. Chacos have great durability, and one day, I’m confident they’ll catch on for Floridians.

— Bryan Brown
$110  • chacos.com





The Stetson Bariloche Hat

I’m a hat guy. I would say that 75 percent of my time is spent with a hat on my head, but a ball cap isn’t always the right fit. The Bariloche by Stetson is a great-looking hat for those other times.

— Jason Stephens
$328    bestmadeco.com







RRL Selvedge Denim

If there’s one item that I believe every single guy on this planet should own, it’s a pair of classic dark denim. They’re the most versatile and will last generations if you treat them right. Because it’s always “quality over quantity,” go for the holy grail of American denim, RRL by Ralph Lauren. I suggest the selvedge denim so it forms to your body and lifestyle, and you’ll almost never need to wash them.

— Abdiel Gonzalez
$225  • ralphlauren.com






Kincaid No. 3 Ticket Pocket Jacket, Navy High-Twist

The navy blazer. A critical and versatile essential for every guy. Dress it up with gray wool trousers for work; dress it down with jeans for a casual night out. Navy goes with nearly everything. In Florida, it’s important to get a lighter-weight version that breathes well. High-twist wool is a great choice. And the best ones are fully canvassed. Make sure the fit is right; most guys tend to buy jackets that are too large. Find a good tailor.

— Tim Cox
$1,250    sidmashburn.com





Leather Rolling Carry-On bag

It’s the thing that we always say we need but never think about until we have to use it. Luggage. Get rid of your “carry-on envy” and have the sexiest luggage on the tarmac. Because your bag will need to take a beating and still look good, Filson is my go-to for modern style and rugged durability.

— Abdiel Gonzalez
$1,500  • filson.com





Land Rover Defender Works V8 70th Edition

The king of 4×4 vehicles that makes roughnecks and city-slickers alike stop and stare has also been the signature ride of Her Majesty for much of her 67-year reign, and for good reason. Equal parts rugged and elegant, this go-anywhere SUV has a worldwide reputation for its meticulous utilitarian design and capable performance in the most severe terrain. Whether you plan to traverse the earth in search of adventure or simply command the presence of the highway ahead, this is the truck in which to do it.

— Daniel Barceló

Filson Zip-Top Tote Bag

A nice man-bag. My choice here is waxed canvas with bridle leather straps. The waxed canvas is durable and weathers nicely. It also expresses an outdoorsy vibe.

— Tim Cox
$225    sidmashburn.com







Money Clip Card Case by Fielder’s Choice

I grew up playing baseball all through my childhood, and to this day there are few things that make me more nostalgic than the smell or feel of leather on a baseball glove. Fielder’s Choice incorporates actual pieces of glove leather into each of their designs, making them an excellent gift for the baseball fan in your life.

— Joe Hepler
$125  • fcgoods.com




Custom Golf-Club Fitting at Golf Etc.

Instead of trying to guess which type of golf clubs to get the man in your life, set him up with an appointment for a custom fitting at Golf Etc. (located in Lakeside Village). The Golf Etc. staff provides a world-class experience and insight to help tailor your clubs to best suit your game.

— Joe Hepler