What shop across the street?

Stumbling upon one of Lakeland’s most recent vintage and antique shops can oftentimes feel like living out the comedy routine “Who’s on First?

If you’ve ever been asked, “Have you visited The Shop Across the Street?” and subsequently were confused as how to answer because, well, there are lots of shops across the street, just take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

The real Shop Across the Street is located at 110 West Highland Street in Dixieland, and came to be after owners Bill and Luann Lewicke would observe the space continuously reappear vacant for years while hanging with their friends across the street at Dixieland Relics.

After some dreaming and planning, the two decided to jump all in with opening a shop filled with salvaged goods. In February 2017, The Shop Across the Street officially opened its doors.

The Shops Inside the Shop

The Shop Across the Street is occupied by four uniquely different shops that each carry a similar vision: mixing the old with the new. They each display this vision in their own personal ways. But what you can find in each shop are pieces that stand the test of time, add color and texture to the ordinary, and hold unique stories that are difficult to find elsewhere.

June Taylor: Described as the Lewicke’s flower child, Kelly Riley was the first of the four to occupy a space at the Shop and create a whimsical space filled with sourced treasures from near and far.

Funky Birds: This mom-and-daughter duo describe their shop as “a kinda eclectic, repurposed, story-filled-goods kind of place.” Courtney Wade and Raney Shoults fill their shop with one-of-a-kind, unique items that they hunt down themselves.

Karina’s Korner: Just downstairs on the bottom floor of the store sits Karina’s Korner. Karina’s store is filled with an array of collectibles, like old records, posters, and home decor. You never know what you’ll find in this corner of the shop. 

Twenty Seven Designs: Referred to as “the baby of the shop,” Jenna Cherry sells her whimsical, hand-drawn illustrations in a corner of the shop that is also filled with other retro, colorful, mid-century items.

Why You Need Vintage and Retro in Your Life Today

Here are 5 reason why our friends at The Shop Across the Street think you should invest in some old-meets-new finds this week.

  • Gives an Authentic Feel

“I think every home needs to be layered with old and new to give it an authentic feel.”

Kelly Riley, Owner of June Taylor
  • Stands the Test of Time

“Everything has a story, and the older things seem to last a little bit longer than the newer things, even if they’re made into something different. We have this vintage cooler at home that Bill’s going to turn into a bar. It’s still going to be old, and it’s still going to be strong … unlike the things that are made today that don’t stand up as well.”

Luann Lewicke, Co-Owner of The Shop Across the Street

  • Adds More Character

“I think older things have more character than things you can find at HomeGoods or Marshalls or wherever else. They add more character to your home because they’re unique; you can’t get certain pieces really anywhere else.”

Jenna Cherry, Owner of Twenty Seven Designs

  • Tells a Story …

“For me, they tell a story. So any time I pick up a piece and see it, I think, Where did it come from? Why is it here now? And then I always feel like it has a place to go. It needs to be loved. It needs to be hung up and appreciated and valued.”

Courtney Wade, Co-Owner of Funky Birds

  • … And Builds to the Story

“They’re like building blocks. These pieces tell a story as you’re building them together.”

Raney Shoults, Co-Owner of Funky Birds

So stop by The Shop Across the Street this week and find your own treasured piece, and continue to build upon its existing story.

Also be sure to say hi to the store’s mascot, Honey, who loves to meet new customers.