Lakeland is getting its first Bar+Arcade in Downtown Lakeland, Rec Room.

An Arcade-Bar is just that, a bar fully equipped with arcade games. Rec Room will offer entertainment such as arcade games, air hockey and Nintendo. The business will be open to all ages before 9pm, and over-21 only after 9pm.

Lkld Now reports that the the Rec Room will use 4,000 sq. ft. of the space sharing the rest of  the building with LKLD Live.

The Rec Room is being planned by a group that includes the trio that operates the Cob & Pen craft beer bar in Dixieland. The trio is also planning another venture: Good Thyme, a fast-casual takeout restaurant mixing healthy options and comfort food in the Dixieland Village.

Rec Room
202 N. Massachusetts Ave.
An opening date has not been announced.