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As the countdown to 2019 begins, and we have accounted for all of our Christmas gift giving-and-receiving, it is time to focus on ringing in the New Year.

Pro Tip: If you are having a hard time nailing down your plans, figure out the outfit first and then decide where and with whom you are celebrating the arrival of 2019. No matter what you decide, an extra festive look is always acceptable.

We’ve partnered with 5th & Hall to take the pressure off and give you some solid options for the perfect New Year’s Eve look! 5th & Hall will be open from 11am-5pm on January 1st!

Silver Cross Back Party Dress – Hesperus




Sequin Sweetheart Crop Top in Gunmetal – Hayden Los Angeles

Tweed w/ Sequin Shorts – She + Sky

Lola Gold Glitter Sweater – Lucy Paris

Green Mesh Confetti Skirt – Hesperus

Green Embellished Woven Top – Hesperus