The locally produced documentary The People Who Live There, continues to find success with festival entries and online streaming.

From now until May 2nd, you can stream the locally produced documentary The People Who Live There for $12 online as a part of the Austin Lift-Off Film Festival. The film, directed by The Collection Media and produced by Paige and Chase Wagner of Paige Wagner Homes, centers around the historic homes in Lakeland and the people who inhabit them.

The film premiered in Fall of 2021 at the historic Polk Theatre, and has since been selected as an entry in the Central Florida Film Festival, the Sunscreen Film Festival,  the Fort Myers Film Festival and the Austin Lift-Off Film Festival where it is available to stream here until May 2nd, for $12. When you purchase an online ticket for the film you’ll also receive access to the entire collection of films in the festival, hosted by Lift-Off Global Network. Additionally, you’ll be able to vote for your top two favorite films in the festival.

Buzzfeed recently put Lakeland at number 2 on their list of 15 cities people moved to during the pandemic, and a report by World Population Review said the Lakeland metro area saw 2.45% growth in 2020 and 2.39% in 2021. The People Who Live There, which is centered around the city of Lakeland, continues shine a light on this popular, historic city.