The not-so-essentials that may not be on your current packing list, but should be

Summer break is coming to a close and the fall semester is looming. The arrival of college can stir up an array of emotions –– one of them might include the anxiety that ensues from packing. So, on top of being sure you signed up for your classes and battling through your existential crisis of whether you’re truly pursuing the right degree, you’re also expected to make sure you come ready with the right gear.

No need to worry; The Lakelander has you covered. Although there are some necessities to remember when packing for your dorm (such as the right bedding –– don’t underestimate the power of a good memory-foam topper), be sure to add some hometown love to your collection.

So, whether you’re gearing up for the fall semester or you’re wanting to gift a student who is about to head out for college, check out our list of locally curated, back-to-school, not-so-essentials (but also, very essential).

 Get Organized

Stationery Loft

Between a full schedule and extracurriculars, organization is essential. What better way to keep up with homework assignments, the never-ending to-do list, and all your social engagements than in style? Stationery Loft has an assortment of practical yet stylish agendas, notebooks, and writing utensils, including brands like Rifle Paper Co., Leuchtturm, and Le Pen.

230 North Kentucky Avenue


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Get Hydrated

Crowder Bros. Ace Hardware / Marshall Jewelers

Hydration is key –– yes, we are aware of what we just quoted about coffee –– but mastering drinking the right amount of water daily can be difficult. Carrying around a water bottle can help you better keep tabs on the amount of water you’re drinking. Luckily, Crowder Bros. and Marshall Jewelers carry one of our personal favorite brands: Corckcicle.

2633 South Florida Avenue

2535 South Florida Avenue

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Get Fueled

Concord Coffee / Patriot Coffee Roasters

In the words of fictional character Lorelai Gilmore, “One bag of coffee per cup of water, right?” Between all your collegiate commitments, coffee is necessary to keep you fueled and alert. So why not fill that bottomless coffee cup with some of your favorite hometown roasts? Concord Coffee and Patriot Coffee Roasters both offer subscription services so you never have to go too long without the taste of home.

1113 South Florida Avenue

1037 South Florida Avenue #135

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Get Moving

Bent’s Schwinn Cycling & Fitness / David’s World Cycle

Depending on your college campus, riding a bike may be the quickest and most cost-efficient way to get around. Plus, staying active helps with your overall health and emotional well-being, which are important yet often neglected areas of life while in college. Check out Bent’s Schwinn Shop or David’s World Cycle to figure out what bike is best for your daily commute to class.

1058 South Florida Ave

2125 South Florida Ave

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Get Dressed

5th & Hall / Top Buttons / What’s New Consignment

You may think dressing for your first day of school is a tradition you left behind, but the feeling you get from a great new outfit is something you’ll never outgrow. These local boutiques carry everything from tried and true basics to trendy pieces you can mix and match for great looks all semester long.

 117 South Kentucky Avenue

236 North Kentucky Avenue

923 South Florida Avenue