The Lakelander branded masks are made in Lakeland by Chaptex, a reputable manufacturer that produces military-grade microfiber fabric.

It seems like we will be wearing masks for a while, which is why we have decided to partner with local manufacturer Chaptex, to produce Lakelander face masks.

The CDC has recommended that people wear masks when going out in public to help stop the spread of COVID-19. A few weeks ago, Mayor Bill Mutz and t

The Lakelander masks are designed for comfortable all-day wear, with an ultra-soft texture, and double wire nose bridge for a custom fit and anti-fog protection. The mask features FDA-approved, skin-safe elastomer ear loops (latex-free), designed to make it easy to remove and replace the mask from your face without touching the front surface.

The fiber structure and density of this Lakelander mask by Chaptex allows for an innovative design that is lightweight and provides protection and breathability. Our masks come in two colors: black and khaki.

  • Lint-free, washable, and reusable
  • High-density construction
  • Superb durability and strength
  • Ultra-soft texture, no sewn edges
  • Same performance through 100s of washings

Pre-order your Lakelander mask today!