Serving up fresh fare and craft beverages, this New England-inspired gastropub aims to make every visit a memorable one. Owner Richard DeAngelis shares what to expect at Red Door.

The Lakelander: How did the Red Door Wine Market first start out?

Richard DeAngelis: We redefined the gastropub mentality. Our mission statement is to be craft, defined as the folding of all our professional experiences into one expression. It allows us to serve a burger without having to reinvent it.

TL: What can guests expect?

RD: We do a seasonal menu. Our burger changes weekly and we have a sandwich of the week. Our fish — if it’s not fresh, we’re out of fish. We make nearly everything in-house, even our ketchup.

TL: Do you have a favorite dish right now?

RD: We have a pot pie, one of our most popular: braised rabbit with winter vegetables and puff pastry on top. It’s incredible.

We take our craft mantra and apply it to all we do.

TL: Tell us a bit about your “to-go” dining options.

RD: We call them the “hoodie,” a one-plate wonder: for $35 you get three courses for two and a bottle of wine.

TL: With the recent renovations, what can customers expect now?

RD: We’re now doing live music, which had been on hold, and many say the porch feels like it’s part of the original building.

TL: What has been a key factor to Red Door’s success?

RD: The people. We don’t have a cookie-cutter idea of what we look for in our staff. And that’s how we feel about our food. We take our craft mantra and apply it to all we do.