Left to right: Rhonda Summerall, David Craig, Cathy “K” Kluytenaar, Zac Kluytenaar, Florrie Kluytenaar, Brenden Falgien, Jacob Brown

The K Team Real Estate Services and The K Team Property Management are dedicated professionals committed to guiding clients through the often confusing and ever-changing real estate market.

Whether you’re buying or selling, The K Team is local, family-owned, and assists both brand-new and experienced clients as they navigate real estate transactions — every step of the way.

K Team Founder, Cathy “K” Kluytenaar, and her son, Zac Kluytenaar, Broker/Owner of the K Team, give us an in-depth look at how theirbusiness operates and what to expect from them in the future.

The year 2020 was crazy. How did The K Team manage to do so well, and how is 2021 looking for your team?

Cathy “K”: 2020 was an amazing year for our team, and we are beyond grateful for the opportunities our community has provided. Adaptability kept the phones ringing and the deals coming. As a locally owned brokerage focused on service, we don’t have national or international standards and procedures to follow. We are fully invested in our local market and can react to the needs of our community almost immediately.

Zac: Being real estate professionals with extensive experience, we understand the only thing consistent in this industry is inconsistency. Interest rates change, styles change, prices change, and even pandemics happen. However, people will always need somewhere to call home. Adapting to market conditions, focusing on solutions, and putting our clients’ needs first have always worked for The K Team. That is the template for our success, and we plan on more of the same in 2021. So far, we are off to an incredible start and are so excited for what lies ahead.

The K Team is now managing properties. How has this changed your team, and what is the future there?

Zac: Property management has added amazing new capabilities for our team and generated exciting opportunities for our investors and clients. We have new builds, renovations, and projects taking place all over Polk County. The impact our efforts are having on the community and the returns we are garnering our investors is truly rewarding. We manage well over 200 residential and commercial units, with new properties being added to the management portfolio weekly. The management team has grown as well with the addition of David Craig as our Client Relations Manager and Jacob Brown as our Property Manager. These are two of the most dedicated real estate professionals my mom and I have had the opportunity to work with, and the impact of their efforts is undeniable.

Cathy “K”: Property management has introduced new buyers, new sellers, enhanced capabilities, and greater impact to The K Team. It has increased our ability to serve the community, and that is always paramount here. I am so proud of the direction and growth of The K Team Property Management, and we look forward to setting a new standard of professionalism, expertise, and service.

If you have properties you are managing yourself, are looking to cultivate an investment portfolio, or need help navigating the real estate market, visit their office at 323 1st Street S. in Winter Haven, or contact the K Team at 863.604.6220, yourkteam.com, or kteamrentals.com.

Is there anything else we should look forward to from The K Team in 2021?

Cathy “K”: Absolutely! As digital presence becomes more and more important, we hired an in-house marketing associate, Brenden Falgien. His main focus is to enhance our ability to serve our clients through digital platforms and to stay connected to the community we love so much. Our social media platforms, website, marketing materials, and community outreach have never been better and are improving every day!

Zac: We are always adapting. Property management growth, new team members, fresh ad campaigns, and experimental strategies will continue to occur in 2021. In addition, Florrie Kluytenaar has flourished as a buyer specialist at The K Team, and Rhonda Summerall’s impact as our Director of Admin has been immeasurable.  The team is truly impressive, and we are honored to have assembled such an amazing group. Hard work and service will always be the foundation of everything we do, and we are always searching for additional ways to be more impactful.

With over 2,000 transactions and $200 million of real estate sold in Central Florida alone, The K Team continues to provide innovative and modern solutions to service the community’s real estate and property management needs.