History. It’s a TV channel, a class many of us earned a C- in and a category that everyone wants an aficionado in for their Tuesday night trivia team.

History is also the story of people who came before us that will continue to impact the people who come after us because of how it affected every one of us. Today, History is coming to life at a local business near you with the official release of The Lakelander, Issue 75 – The History issue. 

  • We have you covered with a nostalgic and surprising photographic look back at Lakeland’s beginnings.

  • What does a vintage building and established business in Dixieland have to do with the history of Publix and the future of what our city looks like?

  • We have the story of a Democrat, Republic and Independent who are actually the same person – go on an adventure to learn about the novel success of 89-year-old Lakeland legend Doc Dockery.

  • Find out what has made “the place downtown with the incredible pies” – Reececliff – a place that Presidential candidates visit and long-time locals adore.

  • What happens when hope becomes a house or when a local lady with a camera gets a sign that retro advertising is truly timeless?

Join the trend of making history alongside us by grabbing the History issue at a local spot or put a pause on responding to emails for just a moment, and get a first glimpse at our digital version.

Let’s continue to make history together – one that makes a positive indelible mark that storytellers of the future can simply not ignore.