The Florida Dance Theatre has gone virtual for the remainder of the summer.

Although The Florida Dance Theatre is used to performing live for an audience, the dancers will be stepping out of their comfort zone to perform for Lakeland audiences virtually.
This dance film is titled Six Feet Together: A Series of Responses to the World. The video runs on the weekend of June 26 – 28. It is $5 for the link, and you can watch it as many times as you would like from the comfort of your own home.
The Florida Dance Theatre will also be doing a live feedback session on Sunday, June 28, at 3 pm. People can ask questions and see how the process worked and talk with the dancers, choreographers, and film editor.
Because the arts have suffered so much through this pandemic, The Florida Dance Theatre has partnered up with Reel Moments Media for the cinematography and editing portion of this performance.
The final aspect that makes this great to Lakeland is that the Silver Moon Drive-In is also supporting The Florida Dance Theatre. Silver Moon will be playing Six Feet Together as well as one of the original shows, Tales of the Chocolate Factory, that Stefan Dolbashian choreographed. After that, they will be playing the classic Singing In The Rain. This will be a joint fundraiser for the organizations involved and a great opportunity for people to support three local businesses as well as supporting the arts in our community.
We will keep you updated with event dates and tickets for this performance at the Silver Moon Drive-In.