Celebrate Christmas with the best local artisan bread and pastries. We talked to Honeycomb Bread Bakers and Born & Bread bakers about their holiday bakes and how to ensure your holiday order is ready for pick-up! Share sweets, bread, and gift assortments this holiday season!

Honeycomb Bread Bakers

Honeycomb Bread Bakers is accepting Christmas Pre-orders through their website.

The menu offers a variety of bread loaves and cookies, including Country Sourdough,  Dark Chocolate Cherry Sourdough, Braided Challah, and Cinnamon Swirled Milkbread.

You can choose to order a Christmas Cookie Box or Individual Cookies that include Gingerbread, Breakfast Cookie, Chocolate Chunk, Shortbread, Snickerdoodle, and more!

Orders can be picked up from Concord Coffee on Dec 21st or from Honeycomb Bread’s usual location at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market on Dec 22nd.

You will find Honeycomb Bread at their usual location at the Lakeland Downtown Farmers Curb Market on Dec. 22nd to purchase any last-minute delights.

Born & Bread

Born & Bread’s largest bake of the year is taking place on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th at 8:00am. Born & Bread is only taking pre-orders for Pumpkin Pies and Banoffee Pies through their website.

Pie pick-up is Monday, December 24th, between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m at Born & Bread, 1113 S. Florida Avenue.
Starting at 8:00 a.m on Dec 24th, Born & Bread will also have pastries and bread available for purchase. (They are not accepting pre-orders for those items).