story and Styling by Abdiel Gonzalez
photography by Dan Austin
hair and makeup by Amy Meyer from Moxie Salon
lighting by Paul Bostrom
All wardrobe provided by our friends from Dillard’s at Lakeland Square Mall 

Every four years, the world comes together to cheer on their favorite athlete at the Summer Olympics. These games, and the athletes that play them, inspire men and women alike to dust off their volleyballs or lace up their old running shoes and go out and get active.

I, however (which I’m sure will come as no surprise), am inspired by the team uniforms and colors. I have always appreciated the time that the athletes put into planning their looks for the Olympic Games. From retro logos and colors, to fashion designer collaborations, and even color-coordinated accessories, they understand the impact made by athletic clothes. Yes, your athletic wear is as equally as important as the rest of your wardrobe. Good athletic wear is multifunctional and well thought out. As in the case of Team USA this year, their on-field uniforms were specifically designed to transition the athletes to the ceremonies by adding a few classic wardrobe staples. Following the lead of the allstars, we too should think about allowing some versatility into our gym attire. Let’s face it, we all head to the gym on the go and many times squeeze in that yoga session between a work appointment and lunch. So, being able to transition your athletic wear is necessary and much easier than you think with the popularity of the “athleisure” style trend.

Treat your workout gear like the other pieces in your wardrobe. They should flatter your shape and have longevity, and should consist primarily of basics and neutrals with accent pieces in special prints and colors. Avoid the common athletic-wear mistake of every piece being neon or printed. Approach your athletic look just like you approach your daily wardrobe. Create a foundation of neutrals and pick one pop of print or color; a great way to do that with is your sneakers. Planning your gym look like this allows you to transition it by throwing on a denim jacket and a necklace, or a polo and boat shoes to take you from Crossfit to brunch. Spending some extra time at the onset of your gym preparation will end up saving you time and stress afterward, while doing it all in an effortless, athleisure kind of way.