In a recent Fresh Air interview on NPR, lexicographer and Merriam-Webster Associate Editor Kory Stamper explained the origins of the seemingly contemporary slang word “staycation,” added to the dictionary in recent years.

The word actually dates back to 1944, used in a beer ad, presenting the stay-cation as something you do as your patriotic duty to help preserve money and boost your local economy. So, we would like to encourage you to do your due diligence and offer you plenty of reasons why a staycation would be well worth your time. After all, it is your patriotic duty.

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01 Streamsong  Resort

Book a tee time, spa day, bass fishing, maybe even some archery (to channel your inner Katniss), or why not the whole package deal? This glorious piece of land is a little slice of heaven too close to home to not visit.

02 Polk  Theatre

One of Florida’s few historic theatres still standing, stop by this iconic landmark to enjoy of-the-moment indies underneath a blanket of stars,  with fresh popcorn, after a brief cinema pipe-organ prescreening serenade.

03 Lego  Land

Why take the kids all the way to Orlando when your family can enjoy amusements right outside the city at this theme and recently opened water park?

04 Flying  Tigers

The Detroit Tigers may be done playing until Spring Training 2018, but live games don’t have to end there. Spend a sunny evening out at a ball game to watch Detroit’s Minor League Flying Tigers play all summer at Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium.

05 The  Terrace Hotel

Whether you need a last-minute getaway or a breather from the children, this historic hotel that overlooks Lake Mirror has it all.

06 Frank  Lloyd  Wright Center

Some of the beauty surrounding Lake Hollingsworth is thanks to the world-renowned work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Though we pass by it most weeks, take a few hours to explore the creations of this famed architect.

07 Explorations  V Children’s  Museum

While the kids may be driving you a little loopy, with summer just underway, this spot is a perfect location for the little ones to be amused and grow in learning. And it may save Mom some sanity while you’re at it.

08 Family  Fun  Center

For the little kids and big kids alike, this nostalgic arcade and mini-golf is the place to play all your worries away … and maybe a walk down memory lane.

09 Bella  Vista  Spa

Wipe away the stress of the summer (we see you, Moms and Dads) with a visit to one of the city’s premiere spas. From body wraps to facials and massages, this spa provides it all without leaving the comforts of town.

10 Zagster  bike  tour  of Lakeland

Now with park and lake-to-lake bike paths, you’ll have fun renting a bike. Take a little ride for yourself, and see the city from a whole new perspective.