Warm-weather beauty

intro written by Abdiel Gonzalez
photography by Bri Elledge

As we shuck the heavy, winter sweaters and prepare to welcome spring, it’s time for a warm-weather wardrobe refresh. Simple, light layers help transition from the brisk mornings of winter to the temperate, 70-degree sun on our skin. Much like the white sand beaches of the Florida coast, fashion takes a cue from calming, tan neutrals and monochromatic coloring in the freshly grown outdoors. Pick a neutral color and color-block your look in close variations of the same hue to create an effortless and refreshing statement. This color pallet easily pulls from existing wardrobe staples and allows for an easy transition into the soon-approaching summer months.

We also turn our attention to another crucial part of this seasonal transition: spring beauty and grooming, often-neglected areas when it comes to the annual style reboot. A fresh new haircut and style, followed by a light and clean beauty regimen help complete the new you. Just as important as the clothes you wear, your hair and makeup play a big role in how you present yourself, and, like a good hat, puts the finishing touch on an entire look. This issue of The Lakelander features local hair and beauty talents to highlight fresh, spring style alongside the season’s beauty trends.



styled and written by Carey Morgan, Liquid Hair Studio

This spring look features balayage — meaning to sweep or paint — baby highlights around Taylor’s face to give the look of natural sun lightening similar to the highlights seen naturally in children. Balayage is gaining popularity in the United States for its low-maintenance requirements. It grows out more naturally than traditional color techniques, allowing for more trips to the beach between hair appointments. Using a subtle, golden-blonde toner created a softness in Taylor’s color. Her layers were kept long to maintain a smoother look that can still be full and carry over well into the summer and fall. This look can always be worn straight, but medium curls with a slight taper curled away from the face bring out the shine and add a sultry finish.


styled and written by Jessica Thomas

Airy textures, rosy cheeks, and pastels are all iconic images of spring. Not so this year! This spring, revamp that vision with faux sun – drenched skin and heartbreak-worthy candy apple red lips. Spring 2016 trends are crushing all the rules: unashamed bronzing and fiery lips fit for any day trip. Trends are transcending seasons, and right now it’s all about classics with a twist.

Now, more than ever before, it’s possible to achieve that coveted sunkissed skin without the damage brought on by UV rays. Even with the focus on skin protection at an alltime high, this newly classic trend isn’t going anywhere; from the runway to the real world, the bronzed-beauty look flourishes. Fortunately, the options to get the glow are limitless. For a quick, everyday glow, add a liquid bronzer to your favorite SPF moisturizer and apply all over. Add more or less bronzer depending on the desired level of color. For a more finished, defined look, complete your usual makeup routine then add color with a powder version bronzer. Use a fluffy brush for a natural look; a more precise brush will create a contoured look. Whichever method you prefer, always remember sun protection. Protected skin is your best skin.

Remember when red lips were taboo, or only for evenings? Thankfully, those times are long gone! Now is the time for red-lipstick lovers to be alive. If, however, you are on the hesitant end of this trend, there’s something for you, too. With myriad choices, you’re bound to fall in love if you just give it the chance. This season’s candy apple lips will take you from day to night. Headed out to shop or to the park for a picnic? Keep your red glossy and vibrant. What about for a girls’ night out or a special date? Try a matte version with some power – packed pigment. Want to switch up day and night? Go ahead! This spring, anything goes.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and experiment with something new. Whether it’s a new bronzer, lipstick, or something else, the season’s trends are too abundant not to veer outside of your comfort zone. You never know, you may find a trend that becomes your new go-to.

At the end of the day, though, makeup washes off and gives you the chance to try a new look tomorrow. It’s about discovering yourself and finding a new love … or lipstick!



styled and written by Evan Dell, Liquid Hair Studio

There’s been a revival in modern men’s hair! Today, men are putting time into hair and at-home grooming. In this revival, men of all generations genuinely care about the way their hair looks, feels, and the sense of confidence it can bring them. From this newfound ardency for grooming and personal appearance, men are beginning to go to great lengths to have and keep their hair how they want it.

This movement has highlighted traditional styles from the past (1930s-50s era), and brought them back into the limelight of men’s fashion. Styles like the traditional side part, pompadour, undercut, and push back can be seen everywhere from movies and stages and just about every fashion campaign in the world.

Considering this, I created a modern take on this traditional men’s style on Matt. The side-parted pompadour keeps length on top to create volume and fades down near the skin level, ending at the nape and sideburns. This technique accentuates the cut and creates a beautiful contour with the natural head shape, thus creating a haircut that is completely custom and tailored to the model’s bone structure.

Here, the natural part and outline of the haircut is emphasized using a straight razor and resulting in a “hard part.” By doing so, clean lines form to draw attention to the contour of the head shape. This step provides a tremendous benefit in the ease of styling at home.

A great haircut should be able to be styled for any occasion, so this is what I strive for with each client. For example, the top length of the cut is texturized as I remove weight by “channel cutting” movement into the hair. This allows it to be styled clean, messy, or pushed back without solid lines of weight showing when styled.

In men’s haircare, we mustn’t leave out facial hair. Beards and mustaches have made a comeback and require attention as well. Here, I used clippers to trim down the length until it regained its smoothness. Using a straight razor, I cleaned up the edges and created a smooth outline. When using a razor, hot lather softens the skin and prevents any irritation or razor burn.


On Matt, I styled a firm hold by dampening the hair and applying some waterbased pomade by Reuzel from Holland to loosen any unwanted wave patterns. Any strong-hold, water-based pomade will work to achieve this desired look. This is a quick and easy way to have a great-looking, everyday style.

Start by using one dime-sized amount of product, first warming it up in the palms, and applying at the crown. Repeat this three times, once for the middle of the head, then the part, and lastly a dime-sized amount for the front to create volume. Finally, comb the product through with a wide-tooth comb. After incorporating these steps, you will have a nice, firm, traditional look with a modern touch in the razored part.

If you prefer a messy, matte look, a couple changes can be made to the process. Using a hair dryer and a silicone brush, follow the brush along to smooth the texture of the hair while creating the desired shape. This resets the hairs’ shape just as water does in the firm-hold look. Once dry, apply a matte paste (I use Bona Fide matte paste), and rake it through the hair using fingertips off the scalp to desired shape.