Lakelander for nearly 25 years | Has worked for Lakeland Police Department for 20 + years | Currently serving six Lakeland schools as a supervisor of school resource officers


E very day Sergeant Hall and his colleagues aren’t just working to ensure the safety of students in Lakeland, they are setting an example of excellence and character for the next generation.

In part because of the rise in school shootings and to offset some of the negative media coverage on law enforcement over the years, Hall says he and his staff are extra diligent to build positive relationships at the schools they serve.

“We are here to help students and see them grow…hopefully to keep them out of trouble,” he says. “We want to keep them on a path that’s going to lead to greater things in their lives.”

Hall is an alum of Combee Elementary, as well as Polk State College, and he is also the father to three grown children, so he takes pride of ownership in Lakeland.

He said being a police officer in 2022 requires being able to assess new information and situations, often involving technology, and quickly make sound determinations.

Prior to working in the schools, Hall was assigned to LPD’s Drug Task Force Groups, where he experienced first-hand the evil and darkness that exists in our community, yet he still has a stellar regard for what a true Lakelander is like.

“The attributes that I most associate with Lakelanders are that they are kind, friendly, giving, engaging and take pride in their community.”

When Sergeant Hall is not donning his uniform he enjoys checking out downtown festivities like car shows and supporting local sports teams including the Lakeland Magic, Florida Tropics and Lakeland Flying Tigers.

“I’m also impressed with the development of the downtown area and some of the specialty shops,” he says. “Now we’re kind of getting a small-scale city skyline!”


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