Known for house-made pasta, high-quality Italian dishes, and impeccable service, Scarpa’s Italian Restaurant has shifted the way they serve their loyal customers during this season.

The Lakelander spoke to owners Ashley and Glenn Scarpa about their current menu, hours of operation, and navigating through this unique season with their staff and customers.

“Our main focus has been shifting to a To-Go model that essentially gives us an opportunity to keep our staff, keep the ship from sinking so that the employees have a ship to come back to, and keep our heads above water.” – Ashley Scarpa.

For Scarpa’s, it is still about serving the customers what they love and always have. It’s safe to say that during these unique times maintaining a little stability in the things that bring us joy, such as our favorite meals with people we love, can go a long way.

“We really want people to know how grateful we are for their support and how important it is to be part of a community. You really notice [the importance of community] during times like this.” – Ashley Scarpa

With the staff and customers in mind, Scarpa’s current To-Go menu consists of their full dine-in classic menu in addition to daily/weekly specials like 30% off bottles of wine. The Scarpas assure us that although To-Go is the only option, the quality and freshness of their dishes are still their priority.

To-Go orders can be placed ahead of time or on-site. Scarpa’s Italian is open daily for dinner service from 5pm to 9pm.

“We understand it is hard on everybody, and we want everyone to support everyone. We are super grateful when it is our turn in their daily lives to come in and support us. We cant’t thank people enough.”
– Ashley Scarpa.

1831 East Edgewood Drive, Lakeland, FL 33803
Phone: (863) 937-8940

Find the Scarpa’s Italian menu on their website, Stay up to date with Scarpa’s daily and weekly specials by visiting the @ScarpasItalian Facebook and Instagram accounts.