Historic Lakeland, Inc. ensures the city’s most iconic buildings and homes can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The city of Lakeland officially became incorporated in 1885. Since then, hundreds of incredible, historic buildings have been built throughout the city and have added countless charm to the scenic views of Lakeland. Without these timeless buildings, the city would lack in beauty, character, and so many integral parts of its history. Historic Lakeland, Inc. and its board exists to make sure these historic structures of the past are preserved and maintained well into our city’s future. 

Historic Lakeland, Inc. began back in 1979, with an initial goal of preserving the Frances Langford Promenade on Lake Mirror. Since then, Historic Lakeland has acted as an advocate for important architectural additions to our city and has aimed to preserve the architectural heritage of Lakeland. 

The non-profit has put a lot of effort into saving many important historical architectural pieces of Lakeland’s history, including the Lakeland Terrace Hotel, the old Lakeland High School building (which is now Lawton Chiles Middle Academy), and the Coca-Cola building (which is now the Lakeland Fire Department). 

Historic Lakeland has also designated various buildings in Lakeland as “landmark buildings.”  This title promotes the education of a building’s history and importance in Lakeland’s story, while also advocating for the building’s preservation, rehabilitation and reuse. The Polk Theatre, the Marble Arcade, the Terrace Hotel, the Park Trammell Building, the New Florida Hotel and others are just some of the buildings Historic Lakeland has designated as “landmark buildings.”

When members of a community are able to recognize and honor their city’s past, they’re better able to grow and move forward into the city’s future. Preserving architectural pieces of Lakeland’s past that have helped build the city to where it is today is an important part of our story, and Historic Lakeland Inc. is the driving force for these sentiments.