Photography by Dan Austin

You’ll notice this issue’s Style section is a little different. Most times, these pages are dedicated to expertly styled, meticulously photographed, perfectly constructed images. We do this to inspire you to take chances and explore aspects of your personal style you may have not previously considered. This time, however, we’ve shifted our perspective and looked outward, to you, real Lakelanders, on the street to find inspiration.

Every day, you get up and make decisions on what to wear. These choices are informed by a wide variety of motivations: personal taste, comfort, occasion, and environment. The result is a statement that looks and feels uniquely yours and brings a sense of purpose and confidence to the activities of your day. We sought out Lakelanders who bring this intentionality and personality to our streets and asked them to share their thoughts on personal style.

For decades, designers and fashionistas alike have been expertly balancing a striking mixture of traditionally high- and low-end garments to create what we now recognize as modern street style. Pairing athletic brands with high-end shoes and luxury accessories creates a look that is simultaneously accessible and sophisticated. As our city moves toward being more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists, we hope to see more
looks like this out and about.


I describe my style as tomboy chic; I like to borrow from the
boys. I’m totally inspired by menswear, I just put a feminine
twist on it.


There’s nothing like a good classic. American style has long been defined by tried-and-true staples that look great on almost everyone. Hailing from New-England’s ivy-league campuses, preppy ensembles have managed to stay iconic while keeping up with the times. You can never go wrong with a crewneck sweater paired with a chambray button-down. Switch out your everyday Oxfords for a more modern double monkstrap loafer, and you’ve taken this look from expected to effortlessly sharp.


I’ve always been more about a classic and clean-cut look

rather than jumping onto every other fashion trend.  –TIM


I like to incorporate the current trend, but I am drawn towards timeless styles. When you keep the classics your baseline, it’s hard to go wrong.



We found that this was the perfect time of year to take on this street-style experiment. Many Lakelanders look forward to the cooler months to wear pieces that for most of the year stay buried in the back of their closets. Winter gives us the opportunity to layer garments of different weights and textures that would be more hazardous than fashionable in August and September.

Individuality is the trend. I’m always trying to push the limits of fashion with an artistic approach. Winter presents more opportunities for contrasting layers with different proportions and textures.



Simple patterns and classic layers are my winter wardrobe go-tos!



This outfit, like most of mine, is inspired by the ’70s era style. I enjoy placing a more modern twist on the vintage classics.




My wardrobe mostly consists of Boho-inspired, thrifted, and simple pieces that are functional (dog mom-friendly) and comfy. Fringe booties (because, in my book, fringe is always a “yes”) and gold details make this whole look complete. – ABIGAIL