This week we all have an excuse to visit local restaurant gems, Scarpa’s, Patio850, Cob & Pen, Bay Street Bistro, and Red Door thanks to late restaurateur Joe Baum and Tim Zagat.

In 1992, Baum and Zagat launched the first four-day-long Restaurant Week in New York City. Restaurant Week was held during an executive event that would attract new guests and reporters looking for dining options. This year, almost 20 years later, Restaurant Week is a national tradition in cities all over the United States.

In most cities, including Lakeland, Restaurant Week is celebrated with special prix-fixe menus at a discounted rate  from select participating restaurants.

“With some of the finest restaurants in town contributing a special prix-fixe menu to showcase the very best they have to offer at a reduced price, we invite you to take a culinary journey, without leaving town. The following restaurants will participate in Lakeland Restaurant Week 2018 which takes place August 13-19: Nineteen61, Scarpa’s, Patio850, Cob & Pen, Bay Street Bistro, and  Red Door.

Each featured restaurant has created a prix fixe dinner menu for the standard price of $35. ”

We hope you enjoy Lakeland Restaurant Week!