Updated on March 25, 2o2o

Union Hall Events, a local music and entertainment venue, launches new products amidst COVID-19.

On March 17, Gov. De Santis announced that all Florida bars must remain closed for the next 30 days, which means Union Hall has canceled all of its shows and performances for the next 30 days.

Adhering to CDC regulations and making its customers and staff’s safety a priority, Union Hall has launched a series of creative products you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home.

In efforts to support local musicians, Union Hall is partnering with several artists in order to bring live music to your home through live stream! Live Stream is available for everyone to watch and enjoy. In return, Union Hall is asking to submit tips/donations for the artist online https://unionhallevents.com/live-streaming/.

100% of the donations go to the artist!

In addition, Union Hall will be functioning as your local curbside liquor store. The Union Hall Liquor Cabinet will also be retailing exclusive Union Hall Cocktail Kits (Drink in a Box).  These Cocktail Kits come with recipe cards and everything you need to mix your favorite cocktails at home! 

The Union Hall team has launched a text to order system and their full menu online, and this is how it works.

1. “Support Union Hall by purchasing your drinks directly through a text to (863)288-0372. 

    • We respond with a link to pay and provide a time for personalized curbside pickup.
    •  These bottles have not been touched for 72 hours, but we also hand-wash each bottle at pick-up to ensure your safety.
    •  We are not the cheapest place in town, but a portion of your purchase directly supports Union Hall so that we can remain open through this mess. 

 2. Buy Union Hall Gift Cards for a 20% discount.
3. Watch as we show LIVE concerts every night on Facebook Live and Youtube Live. ALL proceeds during the live show go to support these artists, which may not have any other way to support their families. We have an on-site manager who is living on-site. The only other person allowed into Union Hall is the act for that night. So sit back and relax.
4. LIKE us on Facebook; Subscribe to our channel on YouTube to keep up with shows and offers, says Union Hall.”

These products will help support the Union Hall staff and keep business moving forward.