Local artist and former Pemberly band member, Rachel Plating, is in Los Angeles recording her first solo album! The Lakelander emailed her questions regarding her upcoming project and plans upon returning to Lakeland.

TL: How long have you lived in Lakeland?
Originally 1997 for college. We moved away for a bit after school but have been back since 2006.

   TL: How long have you been writing music and performing?
4-EVA – my first time in the recording studio I was six years old. I was so small they had to put me on a stool so I could reach the microphone; I remember lots of mahogany paneling and men wearing gold jewelry. I’ve been writing and performing music pretty much ever since then in some shape or form.

TL: Recently, what led you to LA, and how did that journey begin?
It’s been a very organic process getting here. It all started through some Skype voice lessons I booked through a friend. I had a couple of lessons and we hit it off creatively, and he asked what I wanted to do with music. I told him I wanted to make a record, and he asked if he could co-write with me. It all came out of nowhere. My co-writer (Bradley Walden, Emarosa)  is in a touring band, so we decided to meet every week on Skype and wrote. We’ve done that every week for a year. Me from the church basement, and him in apartments, vans, and buses around the world.

And that relationship led me to my producer who is based here in Los Angeles (Courtney Ballard, Emarosa, 5 Seconds of Summer, Jessie J, All Time Low).

TL: What’s been your favorite meal in LA?
Botanica in Silver Lake. I think sunchokes are now my new favorite food. Also I’ve had takeaway vegan tacos from Organix more than I’d care to admit.

TL: Tell us about the project/album you are currently working on?
It’s vibey brooding pop. Very eclectic. We are really honing in on influences that were big for me as a teenager in the ’90s.

TL: What are you listening to? 
Maggie Rogers, Wills, Broods, Haim, Rosalía, Radiohead, Toulouse.
And any and all angsty femme artists from the ’90s.

TL: What’s been the most difficult part of the recording process?
Being in a new place working with all new people and doing some new things. The absolutely hardest part was learning to play all of my piano parts on the tiny midi controller. It’s a totally different instrument.

TL: What have you found to be the most rewarding?
Working with incredible, creative people who are so positive and have pushed me to be relaxed, be myself, and make great art.

TL: What are your plans after leaving LA?
Go home. Rest. Snuggle my husband and (four) babies. And just wait and see what happens next.