A few months into construction and with plenty of progress, The Joinery hopes to open its doors in early Fall 2019. We spoke to owner Jonathan (Jon) Bucklew about where he and Sarah are in the process and what we can expect from The Joinery.

The Update: 

The layout is set in stone, walls have gone up, and shipping containers are either in place or in the building ready to be placed into their designated locations. Business hours are predicted to be somewhere along the lines of 7am to 10/11pm depending on the day of the week.

Jon took me on a tour of The Joinery and pointed out some of the food offerings currently in the works. We started the tour on the far left side of the building as you walk in and worked our way through the back and around in a “U.”

First stop, the place where you will find coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

Next, how do Belgian waffles and ice cream sound? A known Florida-based entrepreneur is considering one of the spaces for this specialty food and dessert offering.

We all love good ‘Za, and Jon and Sarah are in talks with several restaurateurs regarding a wood-fire pizza option.

Lakelander, Ryan Neal has officially confirmed that he will be launching Sābu Ramen at The Joinery, taking up one of the larger spaces available.


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Tacos are also on the way, because taco’ bout a variety of food options. And for all of us sushi lovers, Poke Bowls is yet another food offering you will be able to choose from at The Joinery this fall.

There are a total of seven food vendors, with one of the spaces still available to lease. There is one retail vendor space, currently reserved for a new floral shop.

The Joinery will also feature a 25-foot full bar and the use of brewery equipment that came with the building.

The Joinery, located at 640 E. Main, will be a 12,000-square-foot space joining food and drink vendors under one roof.