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Your engagement photos are the first peek your friends, family, and guests get of you as an affianced couple and, more importantly, the first glimpse they get of the tone of your upcoming wedding. Are you traditional? Outdoorsy? Sentimental? Here are three local couples who got it right.



This one’s a no-brainer. An iconic Singing Tower and 250-acre garden with classic Florida flora from camellias to creeping figs (not to mention the site serves as a refuge for more than 100 bird species which sometimes find their way on grounds) means the nearly 100-year-old property provides a beautiful backdrop, as it did for Desiree and Chris’ snaps.

Photograph by Shakira Nae


Sometimes it’s not about the location at all (though the natural backdrop of Marshall Hampton doesn’t hurt) but the time of day. Tabatha and Taylor thought nabbing a kiss with the Florida sunset behind them was a Hollywood movie moment worth pursuing (we agree).

shot by Jennifer Goodlet


What says “Central Florida” more than Publix? It’s not traditional by any means, but Alexandra and Dylan knew they wanted to return to the site where they first met — the aisles of the grocery giant. Turns out, it’s a hidden gem for engagement photos: All of that colorful produce adds whimsy and charm.

shot by Jennifer Goodlet