A modern-style mash-up

photography by Tina Sargeant and Jordan Weiland • hair by Josh Vasquez • makeup by Crystal Joseph  • styled by Abdiel Gonzalez and Courtney Philpot

The preppy look has long been a favorite among Ivy Leaguers and prep-school scholars. In recent years, though, mainstreamers have brought the classic look to the forefront, with preppy pieces making their way into our closets. With the rise of tech in the world around us, geek chic, too, has made its way to the mainstream and given our loveable geeks their fashion moment to shine. Black wide-rim glasses put their indelible mark on the fashion world, and Instagrammers have been channeling their inner nerd ever since. The modern-day prep also understands the importance of an active wardrobe and has stylishly incorporated sportswear into their day-to-day attire. Pieces like retro sneakers and varsity jackets pay homage to the Ivy Leaguers who paved the way.
The Lakelander has put together a few looks that combine a little prep, a little sporty, and a little geek chic. We chose pieces that work well with multiple styles, pieces that will transition and layer easily during our ever-changing Florida winters. Mix away!

A pair of frames in standard black or a bold, solid color, like bright red, is the only accessory you will need to accomplish this season’s geek-chic look.

With Florida’s unpredictable winter and spring weather, it’s important to pick pieces that will transition and layer well. In this look, jeans — which always work well in Florida — are paired with a long-sleeve plaid and a light-to-medium weight varsity bomber to achieve an ideal layered look. Invest in jackets that will go with other looks. This pinstripe bomber does just that; its subtle stripes work well with a variety of pieces in both solids and prints.