We all plan differently, and, frankly, some of us just don’t plan at all. But, inevitably, most of us need some type of recording device to keep track of our workload, kids’ events, parent-teacher conferences, creative projects, and daily to-do lists. If your preferred method of doing so is on an electronic device, then you can now drop out of this conversation and move on to the next  Lakelander article of your choice.

Now, for everyone else still reading who possibly finds some kind of satisfaction from good-old pencil/ink and paper, we stopped by Stationery Loft in downtown Lakeland to scope out the 2019 planners selection.

In a culture where everyone insists on being nothing less than unique or just as busy as a bee, there are plenty of different types of planners from which to choose.

At Stationery Loft you will find a variety of planners, including (but not limited to) brands such as Rifle Paper, Midori, Kate Spade, Lily Pulitzer, Paper Source, Karen Adams, and Prep Avenue Planners, just to name a few.Local entrepreneur Naomi Lynn recently launched The Wholehearted, Quiet Time Companion planner. The goal of this planner is to encourage keeping different areas of your life organized while being consistent with daily quiet time. It contains several sections for everything from sermon notes to prayer lists to scheduling church activities.