Personalized Training Options for Anyone Anywhere: Blake Scheidt


By Adam Spafford
Photography by Jordan Randall


lake Scheidt has been a trainer for a decade, podcasting and building a digital footprint along the way to help younger coaches build their training businesses and to train people in the comfort of their own home.

Through, Scheidt offers coaching calls, blueprints for success as a personal trainer, collateral and resources. At he offers remote personal coaching to individuals anywhere in the world who are ready to get and stay fit. And for the old school in-person experience with Blake, you can train with him at Lakeland Athletic Club.

“I love helping people,” Scheidt says. “I was a youth minister in the inner city for 10 years before this and, as I made this career shift, I found I could use that gift in a new way.

“This work is deeply relational; my clients are allowing me to train their bodies and paying me for it, so I have to maintain their trust and buy-in. It requires constantly knowing what they need and encouraging them while I challenge them. I really enjoy those ‘lightbulb moments’ when people realize their lives have improved.”

Blake has found that the best recipe for serving clients includes both empathy and a data-driven approach.

Some of his clients have never played a sport or done much physical activity in their lives. Scheidt says data is critical because it allows clients to see their progress objectively, and once they start seeing results they are even more motivated.

Scheidt’s clients have also included bodybuilders training for a competition, those in their 70s who just want to live longer with less pain, as well as Crossfitters.

“I strive to be a Swiss Army knife of training,” he says.

“My main goal is to make clients so knowledgeable that they are autonomous and therefore they could fire me.”

– Blake Scheidt

To that end, Blake spends about $10K a year on his own continuing education.

“It’s just built into my budget–I have a mentor coach who I talk to weekly and I pursue certifications where I’m not equipped.”

His approach is serving clients well. “I’m most gratified that I have high client retention,” he says. “But—weirdly perhaps—my main goal is to make my clients so knowledgeable that they are autonomous and therefore they could fire me. I have a client who came to me for in-person training–she didn’t know how to workout. She worked hard on that until she went to a hybrid in-person/online program, and now she is fully remote.”

Blake said she has lost 30 pounds, is confident in her home gym, and her quality of life has vastly improved.

Blake really enjoys helping people realize how reaching their health goals can positively impact them as a mom or dad, or even regain daily energy that was unintentionally lost as they pursued careers and other ventures.

“Sometimes they’re depressed or have trouble sleeping. Together, we’re able to build a program around those things to improve them,” he says. “Fitness has reached a point where there’s no lack of information available. So why do many of us remain unhealthy? It’s because the hardest part about knowledge is wisdom: when to do the right thing at the right time”

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