photography by Will Baxter

Last year developers broke ground to bring NOBAY Village to downtown Lakeland. Located North side of Bay street the $55 million residential and retail project, developed by the downtown-based Broadway Real Estate Services, has set out to recapture a downtown Lakeland lifestyle.

Founder of Broadway Real Estate Services and chair of Ignite Lakeland, a movement group dedicated to the advancement of downtown Lakeland, Matt Clark has set out to establish an urbanized city many have been waiting for.

“The sole focus of Broadway is downtown,” Matt says. “We only have one property on the south side of town, but that is our only non-downtown asset. We are really trying to keep Broadway’s focus on downtown Lakeland specifically.” (From Lakelander Business Premiere Issue)

The former Bay street parking lot is under construction to build up NOBAY Village, which will include 55 apartments, 11 retail spaces and additional parking. While the project seems a lofty task, plans for construction have moved swiftly and NOBAY Village will be completed later this year. Construction that began in November 2015 has progressed quickly ahead with this 55,000+ square foot development and is easily the largest development project downtown Lakeland has seen in over a decade. Already the residential and commercial development has many excited for a revived downtown that raises the bar for city living in Lakeland. For a college town enriched in education and growth, no doubt NOBAY will be a hub that draws much appeal for the growing demographic of young adults in the city.

NOBAY Village apartment locations will soon be available for rent and are also in the works to offer developed downtown housing for sale.

Broadway Real Estate Services predicts NOBAY will be open early Fall of 2016.