801 East Main is revamping their food offerings with a new food truck on site, Adler’s Burgers.

Adler’s has proven to be a Polk County favorite with their locations in Winter Haven, Davenport, and now Lakeland. On January 1, 2021, 801 East Main welcomed Adler’s Burgers for you to enjoy daily from 5 pm to 10 pm, complete with a side of beignets.

Adler’s approach to burgers is simple: the classic burger recipe made with fresh ingredients. Each burger is cooked to 0rder and from scratch daily. From locally sourced buns to fresh local produce, Adler’s ingredients are a part of their secret sauce, along with their popular house-made pineapple chutney.

For more details about hours of operations and 801 East Main’s latest news, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or visit poorporker.com.

Grounds: 5pm-10pm
Bar: 5pm-10pm
Adler’s Burgers: 5pm-10pm
Beignet Booth: 5pm-10pm

Grounds: 10am-10pm
Bar: 5pm-10pm
Adler’s Burgers: 11am-10pm
Beignet Booth: 10am-10pm

Grounds: 10am-3pm
Bar: 12pm-3pm
Adler’s Burgers: 11pm-4pm
Beignet Booth: 10am-3pm