Check out these new local music releases including Copeland‘s newest single and SEU Worship‘s newest album.

Here are the highlights on what to expect and where to tune in! 

Copeland is one of Lakeland’s most famous hometown bands. With the anticipated release of their sixth album, (mixed in NYC by Michael Brauer who has also mixed records for John Mayer, Coldplay, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates), we are excited to announce the release of their newest single “Pope.”
“I’ve been trying to figure out what songs people would write at different points in their life. For instance: What song would they write on the best day of their life? What would they write on their worst day? What song would they write if they were fearful or isolated? ‘Pope’ is a love song by someone overcome by paranoia,” says Aaron Marsh.
Listen to the new single “Pope”, which released today! Follow Copeland on Spotify and stay tuned for the full album release.

SEU Worship is Southeastern University’s staff and student-led music ministry. Today they have released their sixth album titled Heaven Life.

In a recent SEU press release, campus worship pastor, Dan Rivera says “The album Heaven Life is an expression of the youth and joy our students bring to chapels and daily campus life.”

Heaven Life will be available digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Listen to the album’s single The King is Coming and listen to the entire album here.