Lakeland Crunch Fitness opening soon

Lakelanders will soon have a new place to work on their fitness. Crunch Fitness is set to open a brand-new $2 million facility in Lakeland. With more than 300 locations around the state and nation, Crunch Fitness will make its newest mark in the heart of the city at 5218 South Florida Avenue. The official open date hasn’t been determined yet, but it’s currently being constructed after breaking ground in December.

Crunch Fitness – Lakeland
5218 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL 33813

From boosting cardio on $850,000 worth of state-of-the-art machines and equipment to working out with gym pals in more than 40 group classes like yoga and Zumba, Crunch Fitness offers something for everyone. The gym is also set to feature high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a much needed Relax & Recover area with HydroMassage and tanning for post workouts.

Ultimately, the atmosphere vows to be one full of positivity, empowerment, encouragement, and inclusivity with no judgment as locals and visitors aim to achieve the gym-possible.

Resolution was the goal at the 33rd annual Economic Forecast Breakfast, which offered perspective on the financial state of Central Florida.

Allen & Company of Florida, LLC and the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce presented the event at the RP Funding Center on Thursday, January 16. The theme for this year was to provide clarity amid the ups and downs of all things finance and budgeting, from negative interest rates to trade wars.

Chief Economist Brian Wesbury of First Trust Advisors, L.P. returned as the speaker and dynamically offered a viewpoint that is relevant to local, nationwide, and international economics and politics.

“This forecast breakfast originated from the idea that independent business owners needed exposure to economic intelligence. The macro level of material that Mr. Wesbury shares translates significant concepts into easily-digestible, relevant data that paints an economic landscape for businesses both small and large,” said Ralph Allen. He continued, “Each year I feel the same way, that this year is the most critical in our country’s history, and this year is no different.”

Those who attended were also provided with continuing education credits for Florida Certified Planners from Allen & Company of Florida, LLC and the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce.