Lakeland native Kayla McClellan will be performing a new dance work titled Nearly in London on April 15th over Instagram live.

McClellan is a Lakeland native who has been living in London while completing an MFA in Dance Science. She is a dancer and choreographer as well, having completed her BFA in Dance at Florida State University.

Today, in an attempt to foster connection with the world, McClellan will perform her new dance work Nearly outside of her London flat and broadcast her performance over Instagram live.

Nearly is a culmination of three years living between countries. Inspired by Anne Carson’s chapter “Distances” in Autobiography of Red, McClellan’s new work is a meditation on isolation and relationship. The piece considers imagined and real distances—exploring the effects of them on her mind and body. Nearly engages with the world’s present human blueprint: two meters apart; don’t come any closer. The dance work Nearly deals with concepts of limbo, homesickness, and relationships.
Follow @kayla_mccl on Instagram to watch her performance over Instagram live on April 15th at 4pm (11am EST).
You can simply go to @kayla_mccl on Instagram and click on her profile picture. You should then be given the option to “watch live video.” McClellan will also save the live video to her account for 24 hours.


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Nearly April 15th, 2020 4pm GMT/11am EST Instagram Live: kayla_mccl

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