Since a young age, little Brogan Paul’s beautiful face has captured attention across Central Florida. Meet the girl with the winsome smile who’s quite possibly Lakeland’s youngest runway model.

photography by Dan Austin

Eight-year-old Brogan Paul has already built quite a résumé modeling all around Florida. By age four, she was the winning face of Tampa Bay Parenting magazine’s Cover Kid Search Contest. At six, she made her runway debut with Miami’s Changing the Face of Beauty in the back-to-school launch of GapKids x ED.    When Brogan’s mother, Sharon, sent a picture of her little girl to Naples, Florida’s All About April model search, it further launched this beaming smile into an exciting career.

     From the runway to cover shoots, to dance recitals and more, this young lady shines in the spotlight. We invite you to meet the sweet, spunky, and spirited Brogan Paul.

The Lakelander: So, school has just started again, right? What grade are you in?

Brogan Paul: Second.

TL: Do you have a favorite subject at school?

BP: My favorite subject is science, but I also like gymnastics and cheerleading.

TL: What’s your favorite thing to do when school is out?

BP: We go to the pool, and sometimes my friends come over.

TL: What have you been doing lately?

BP: I did All About April [a children’s boutique in Naples]. I did a runway walk. Do you want me to show you a runway walk? [Brogan readily walks across the room.] My outfit looked like Ariel.

When her mother sent in a picture of her little girl … it launched this beaming smile into an exciting career.

TL: What made you want to model?

BP: Because it’s super fun!

TL: Do you have a favorite model shoot you’ve done?

BP: My favorite was the Gap.

TL: What was your favorite part?

BP: The runway walk and the pictures. [Sharon explains that the shoot was in Miami. There was a runway show and lots of media taking pictures.]

TL: Do you get to travel a lot?

BP: Yeah. I liked going to Miami.

TL: Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled for a

model shoot?

BP: We got to stay in the Ritz Hotel in Miami [for the back-to-school launch of GAP Kids x ED at GAP Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, where Brogan had her runway debut].

TL: Do you have a favorite model?

BP: I don’t know … oh, Chelsea Werner! [Chelsea is a gymnast and Special Olympic champion who is now modeling.]

TL: Do you have a favorite place to shop?

BP: Publix and Whole Foods.

From the runway to cover shoots … Brogan shines in the spotlight.

TL: How about shopping for clothes?

BP: Hmmm … the uniform store [laughs].

TL: Do you want to be a model when you grow up?

BP: Yes.

TL: If you could be anything when you grow up, what would be your dream job?

BP: A gymnast girl or a cheerleader.

TL: What advice would you give someone who wants to be a model?

BP: Just have fun!

Brogan recently booked the SoBel Kids Fashion Week at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg and was just selected as one of the youth brand ambassadors for Orlando International Fashion Week.
We wish her all the best!
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