Meraki Bakehouse Serving Up Appealing European-inspired Fare

By Gabriela Andrews
Photos courtesy of Meraki Bakehouse

Meraki Bakehouse is being highlighted as a 2023 Maker of Note by The Lakelander, as part of its MADE Issue, which focuses on big ideas and entrepreneurial successes of Lakelanders.

The Maker

Mara Rutledge grew up in a home where food was a love language.

Now an adult, she is sharing her love language with Lakeland through her own small business, Meraki Bakehouse. In Greek the word “meraki” means to put heart, soul or passion into whatever you do.

This passionate creativity is inherent to the elements of detail, balance and beauty Meraki gracefully crafts into its baked goods.

Designing and operating a women-owned business has given Mara the opportunity to create an environment where work can be fulfilling and fun, giving staff the opportunity to deeply commit to each delectably intricate task at hand.

Recognizing Lakeland appreciates craft and comfort, she frequently collaborates with other local businesses, harnessing the belief that supporting one small business supports many. 

The Product

Offering a variety of specialized pastries, Meraki Bakehouse infuses European-inspired flavors into Lakeland’s baked goods scene. Catering to both savory and sweet palettes, their goal is to create an experience.

By designing products that are pleasing to the eye and also delicious to taste, customers are given the best of both worlds.

For those with a sweet tooth, be on the lookout for the Supreme, a luxurious, creme-filled circular croissant.

For something savory, try another undeniable fan favorite, the G.O.A.T., which is filled with goat cheese, confit garlic and basil.

Meraki Bakehouse currently serves up fresh baked goods  at the Lakeland Curbside Market on Saturday mornings. A selection of their products are also offered at Hillcrest Coffee, happyfastdelicious and the Kitty Cat Lounge. 

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